GoPro Camera Rental Barbados

Caribbean New Media is pleased to offer their fleet of action cameras for rental. From as little as $50BDS/day you can film your event in up to 4k resolution.


GoPro SessionGoPro Hero 5 Session


The Session can shoot up to 4k@30fps or 120fps in WVGA. Small, lightweight and supremely flexible. We have a range of these cameras available with every possible mount including a 360-degree filming rig and a 3D setup.

Waterproof to 10m (33ft), we can also supply with underwater filters for snorkelling.


GoPro Hero 4GoPro Hero 7 Black


The camera can shoot at 4k@60fps, or up to 240fps in 1080p all with exceptional hypersmooth stabilisation. Available with underwater (suitable to 140ft) or skeleton case and every imaginable mount - from various roll cage mounts, chest, head, cap, clamp, clip, suctions and more. Also available with the endurance battery.

Can be supplied with a waterproof housing to 40m (130ft) along with both shallow water and deep water lens filters.


Nikon KeyMissionNikon KeyMission 360


The highest quality 360 cameras available on the market currently.

Shoot interactive 360 videos at the push of a button in full HD.

Supplied with any range of mounts, can be supplied with either batteries or 12v wired/clipped.

Waterproof to 33m (100ft) and can be supplied with underwater lenses.


Olympus TG-4Olympus TG-4


Waterproof to 50ft and available to shoot in RAW format the TG-4 is an amazingly robust and flexible camera for snorkelling and shallow dives.

F2.0 wide angle, GPS and able to shoot video in 1080p or up to 240fps.


DJI OsmoOsmo Pocket 


Small and amazingly powerful, this is a 4k gimbal for use on the go. Able to shoot 4k@60 fps with full follow-me/tracking capabilities in the palm of your.

Supplied with all accessories it can be used standalone, or, with a mobile phone to unlock further features.

DJI OsmoOsmo / Osmo Pro 


Available with the X3 or the X5 camera the Osmo is a gimbal stabilised steady cam enabling perfectly stabilised video in up to 4k.

Available with Z-axis stabilisation for both the X3 and the X5 and high-quality external Rode microphone.

With the ability to be remotely controlled and numerous mounts available.

Supplied for rent with tablet and all accessories.


Camera mountsCamera mounts, tripods, sticks, lenses


All cameras can be supplied with a choice of mounts. From a tripod, to car, roll cage, suction mount, rotational timers, underwater, split housings and more.

We also have a selection of lenses (e.g. snorkelling, diving/deep water, polarised, etc.) that can be used on our cameras.

All our cameras are supplied with any mount you choose, along with batteries (or 12v where required), chargers, memory cards and leads.


Camera sliderMotorised Camera Slider 


We have available our 48" motorized camera slider for rent. Silent motor, suitable for all brands of camera (multiple 1/4 and 3/8 screw ports). 

Electric camera slider 6 in 1 with tracking shooting, panoramic shooting, time-lapse, video capture, free set starting point and end point

Prices from $75BDS/day.




Contact us today on or on 249-4981 to book yours today!