When we started Barbados Property Search in 2012, one of our goals was to 'mine' the data from listed properties, primarily to offer the type of analysis that had not historically been shared with the property-buying public.

The 2014 Barbados Land Review is one of those analyses, found on our blog page. http://www.barbadospropertysearch.com/blog

While the fact that land prices in St. James are the highest in Barbados should not be a surprise to anyone familiar with the Barbados Real Estate market, we were surprised to discover that St. Joseph land was the second highest-priced on average and that St. Lucy land was that much cheaper.

We also had fun with the 'heat map' of Barbados showing land for sale by geographical distribution.

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Disclaimer: The info presented here and on our blog is based on information mined from listing on BarbadosPropertySearch.com and do not necessarily represent Barbados property for sale in it's entirety. This is a sample only.