For the sake of your sanity, hire a professional!!


Every few months, I’m asked to help a panicked domain owner rescue / revive / renew their website address, and it’s typically a time-consuming, frustrating process. 


It gets worse when there is a reseller AND a registrar involved. The reseller says contact the registrar. The registrar says contact the reseller. And around in circles we go.


Sometimes, I tell the client to abandon the domain as lost, register a new one, and try to pick back up the original domain a year or two later when the registrar (or reseller) gets tired of trying to sell it back to the original owner for 10 or 20 times it’s original price.


In one extreme case (during which the registrar was investigated by local law enforcement and the FBI), it took me three years to recover the domain for the owner.


So for the sake of your sanity, and the continuity of your web presence, pay a web developer / web project manager and have your domain registered with a reputable registrar, and be reassured that you’re not one day going to see a blank screen or a holding page where your website used to be.


It might cost you $50 for their time now, or several hundred dollars for their time later, when you’ve changed email addresses and no longer have access to the email you used to register the domain, lost your login info, or just chose the wrong registrar for your domain.


Trust me on this. You’ll thank me….