Like Facebook?

The whole of Barbados seems to be on Facebook now and having a company presence on Facebook is becoming a key factor in any marketing strategy.

Typically, companies go about this in a 'quickly! get us a Facebook page!' sense, resulting in a very simple, unflattering, unengaging page that is quickly forgotten and that struggles to get fans.

At Caribbean New Media we have a range of solutions to ensure your Facebook page is a success:-

  • We can create custom pages - which can be edited in your content management system - no need to understand the Facebook language.
  • We can create automated feeds of information from your website which is automatically displayed on your company's Facebook page.
  • We can automatically push any information from your website, directly into your Facebook page's 'Wall' so that it is shown on all your fan's/member's Wall feeds - no need to post on your website and on Facebook - simply post on your site, check a box and away you go!

Further to integrating into Facebook, we can integrate Facebook into your own website. From simple 'recommended by' and 'like this', to commenting and even allowing existing Facebook users simplified login procedures to your site.

At Caribbean New Media, we know Facebook inside out and can ensure that your Facebook integration is completely seamless.


Using our content management system, posting to your Facebook wall is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Set the type of pages you wish to upload and which wall, -once- in the configuration. 2. While editing the page, check the box to post to Facebook and fill in the optional comment. 3. Voila! Seamlessly posted to Facebook in the background, you only need post once on your own site!


Time to Tweet on Twitter?

Twitter has quickly become the standard in giving live updates and news to the web. At Caribbean New Media we can integrate Twitter so that your news, articles and updates are seamlessly posted to Twitter automatically. So you no longer need to post an article on your site, then the same article to Facebook and the same article again to Twitter - post once on your website and let us do the rest!