Club Infiniti Club Infiniti

Group Impact sub-contracted us to code the Club Infinit website. The site was an evolution of the existing non-content managed, flat html website.

The design provided threw a few curveballs along with extensive requirements:-

  • Full content management
    Joomla! was chosen as the preferred content management system (CMS) to realise these requirements. The CMS allowing full control over every aspect of the site.
  • Designed exactly to the graphic design/creative supplied
    The supplied Creative, as ever, was beautiful but complex to template. This involved creating multiple templates for each site section with extensive CSS to maintain control, ease of maintenance and yet ensure the Creative was realised fully.
  • Multi lingual support
    The JoomFish plugin was used to deliver six different languages on the site and retain full content management across all pages in each in language.
  • Database and content management of the full portfolio of resorts, points and properties
    Custom tables and admin sections were created to allow direct management of the portfolio of resorts and points through Joomla! This was no mean feat given the complexities of the details involved in each instance.