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With over 500 Barbados real estate sale and rental properties to present and keep up to date, Seaside Realty needed a site that they could easily update to keep pace with the competitive nature of Barbados real estate.

A previous website had required updates to be processed by the developer, which reduced the efficiency of the process. In addition to providing a website which the Seaside Realty staff can easily update with text and photos, the website provides a "walking around list" for agents and staff for those times when they are not within range of wireless internet, yet still need to have a complete listing of all their properties to hand.

The site also features a "print this page" facility for prospective renters or purchasers of Barbados real estate, as well as a searchable database of their properties, and most recently, a Google maps function whereby visitors to the site can get a satellite view of the property in relation to our wonderful Caribbean beaches.