Speedshop UK

On the surface the SpeedShop UK brief appeared straight forward. A rebrand, reskin and rework of an existings OsCommerce store.

However, delving deeper there was a lot more to this project.

  • Rebrand and reskin the shop
    Our design team undertook a rebranding exercise on the logo for the SpeedShop ensuring the motorsport theme throughout but retaining a nice and friendly feel to the logo. This rebranding was then applied to the design of the shop giving a fresh, yet user-friendly, layout to the shop. Ensuring all the information is easily accessible yet maintaining the professionalism expected.
  • Enable all Search Engine Optimisation options
    In this competitive arena Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key, as such, all the OsCommerce SEO modules are enabled - Search Engine Friendly (SEF) urls, header tags modifications, dynamic meta information, sitemap submission, Froogle submissions and intelligent use of the content hierarchy within the page. All this ensures that the shop is perfectly positioned for proving their worth to the search engines.
  • Build and deploy a fully customisable product structure
    iven that many customers of SpeedShop want to specify their own size, shape, termination and more when ordering their hoses, a custom hose ordering facility was required. However, this custom facility needed to be integrated into the OsCommerce system so that it is manageable, trackable and repeatable. As such, extensive modification to the Custom Computer Creator (CCC) module was undertaken, the end result was a very user-friendly and admin-friendly ordering process ensuring every customer receives the exact custom specification they require.