Caribbean New Media Payment Gateway Caribbean New Media Payment Gateway

Caribbean New Media's payment gateway is powered by Drupal, running our own secure module to connect to Plug n Pay's payment API. In this instance, the solution is via First Caribbean International Bank but it can also work with the Royal Bank of Canada, Republic Bank and Scotiabank. 

The solution can be deployed as a standalone invoicing engine, optionally linked to an accounting package (e.g. QuickBooks, Sage, etc.) or as an integrated shopping cart solution as part of a powershop.

Optionally the gateway is integrated with online bank transfer and PayPal. Also, 'tax' percentages can be applied to any chosen payment method automatically.

The site is fully secure, delivered through SSL/https and tailored to allow customers to pay specific, or custom, invoices at will. It is hosted on one of our dedicated Rackspace Atomic Secure Linux servers.